Cognition Europe is a sister company of Cognition US, founded by Brian Pope in 2022. We aim to create innovative applications using game, scanning, XR, and AI technologies as part of our socially relevant RE•thinkTM platform. Our mission is to use technology for human enhancement, collaborating with visionary companies to push boundaries and improve both the world and individuals.

Brian Pope, a writer, director, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, combines an unconventional business philosophy with a passion for art, film, and game technology. He is involved in charitable initiatives using emerging technologies for humanitarian purposes, such as the Arc/k Project, which digitally preserves culturally significant heritage.

Cognition specializes in photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and VR environments for diverse applications. We seek synergies with like-minded individuals, museums, and organizations to provide a global solution for cultural preservation, aiming to safeguard centuries of artistic brilliance for future generations. We believe history lessons are crucial to preventing mistakes and advocate for advanced technologies to address contemporary challenges.

Cognition is developing the video game “Lunar Strike” to support Brian’s charitable projects. We see Flanders, with its rich cultural heritage, as an ideal hub for disseminating innovative technologies. “Lunar Strike” is a high-quality video game designed to raise awareness about technological revolutions and innovation as crucial elements of human evolution.

The Cognition team consists of imaging professionals with state-of-the-art tools commonly used to create alternative realities in film, television, gaming, AR, and other visual arts. While these tools are typically used for commercial narrative projects, Cognition has a broader mission: Providing the techniques and technologies for the preservation of history.

Scope of the game

“Lunar Strike” is an innovative video game that offers more than just entertainment. It transports players to the year 2119, where they face a critical emergency in the European CisLunar Union Colony (Colony C6), threatened by a geostationary comet-mine disaster and falling comet fragments. The game combines fun and excitement with profound messages about heritage preservation, the positive impact of technology, and ethical considerations related to artificial intelligence.

Players start by digitally archiving valuable “Moon Colony” heritage but quickly find themselves embarking on a broader adventure. As they navigate the moon habitat, they learn about lunar geology, the history of lunar exploration, and the laws of gravity. They acquire skills such as rover control, spacepod operation, and even repurposing equipment into a defense system to protect the lunar civilization.

Brian Pope, a visionary, leads this project, emphasizing the importance of preserving cultural heritage through initiatives like the Arc/k Project. “Lunar Strike” also engages players in archiving the human brain, highlighting the role of technology, particularly artificial intelligence, in this process.

The game’s development shifted to the Unreal Engine for a more immersive experience, focusing on realism. “Lunar Strike” aims to deliver an educational gaming experience that not only preserves heritage but also explores the potential of technology and artificial intelligence within the context of the human brain.

Ultimately, “Lunar Strike” is more than just a game; it’s a call to action, urging us to safeguard our heritage and embrace technology and artificial intelligence as positive forces for humanity’s future. The project envisions an unprecedented exploration of the moon, symbolizing the synergy between technology, heritage, and artificial intelligence in shaping our destiny.


Cognition operates as a storytelling company, utilizing diverse media channels to convey impactful narratives about human interaction with technology.

Our core mission revolves around leveraging technology to enhance the human experience. We forge strategic alliances with visionary enterprises, actively pushing the boundaries of innovation to make a positive impact on both society and individual lives.

Cognition Europe, an affiliate of Cognition US, was established by Brian Pope in 2022. Our primary objective is the development of innovative applications incorporating game, scanning, XR, and AI technologies within the framework of our socially relevant RE•thinkTM platform.

Brian Pope, a writer, director, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, blends an unconventional business philosophy with a passion for art and tech. He’s engaged in charitable initiatives like the Arc/k Project, preserving cultural heritage with emerging technologies.

Our mission
“Inspiring a Digital Renaissance by uniting Art, Technology and Science in Storytelling.”

Our vision
To be the global standard-bearer for inspiring and enabling the boundless possibilities of humanity’s potential, illuminated by the alchemy of ethical technology.”